S.K.E.T. – Depleted Uranium Weapons


This superb album deals with the radioactive legacy left in Iraq and the Balkans by means of spent uranium used in armor piercing shells. The resulting widespread birth deformities not to speak of the gulf war syndrome and the wide spread poisoning of the battle field regions are a horror story as yet little known.

Titles like : 700.00 tons to wipe out humanity, Highway of death, The business of war and Bush to the Hague reflect the raw anger behind this work.

Track 9: 4 bn years of congenital deformation is a screaming mix of arabic and punk music. Ditto track 12 : Is the baby normal? is screaming aggro punk.

Musically accomplished and innovative with lots of dancable tracks and superb listening as well. Perhaps closest to HIV and Propergol.

Thumbs up, well done and worth having.


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S.K.E.T. · Depleted Uranium Weapons is the intro CD for the Dark Power party Pussy Rage II to be held on Saturday, 6th of February 2010.

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