Hamith’a Ha – Above the Surface Below


This band is based in the medieval Hanseatic trading town of Gent which together with close by Brugge was spared the devastations of war. I have fond memories of spending a few days there in the 70s, admiring the buildings erected in the 12th to 15th centuries and probably much earlier.

The main member of Hamith’a Ha seems to be Joran Laperre of which I also downloaded 2 tracks plus the band exu which at some stage merged with Hamith’a Ha.

The CD: “Above the Surface Below” varies from zen like minimalism to dense ambient industrial drone. Most tracks feature a deep rumbling background over which the abstract, atonal, weirdly distorted sound samples are laid, occasionally interrupted by sharp, deep explosive percussion, this is an innovative and therefore interesting work well worth having.

The tracks of Joran Laperre I downloaded are deeper and more intense, the sounds ebbing-surging-reverberating and echoing. I am amazed that both the solo work of Joran Laperre as also Hamith’a Ha is virtually unknown as this is really outstanding music.

— Rolf

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