Kalpamantra Part IIb


Kalpamantra single tracks reviews continued …


Light, rhythmic patterns percolate through the waxing/waning waves of melodic or atonal sounds.

Dahlia’s Tear

Outstanding deep ambient.

Dathura Suavolens

Named after this poisonous/hallucinogenic Andean plant, this Brazilian band produces ethereal-spaced out ritual shamanic neofolk laced with occasional spoken incantations, different and interesting.


A.k.a. Lina Baby Doll, a.k.a.Peter Anderson should need no introduction having numerous CD’s of umpteen different projects under his belt. His varied output over the years has always been innovative.


Downtempo, spaced out, severely distorted electronic abstractions.


Most tracks are long and develop at a glacial pace, basically ambient-deep drone, does not grab you by the throat but complex enough to warrant attention, overall a chill album.


Hard and solid IDM-rhythmic noise, a little gimmicky at times, dance floor fodder.

Endometric Cuntplow

Generally imaginative, atmospheric varies from subdued deep rumbling to raucous noise.

Esquadron De La Muerte

Rambunctuous, strident joy of noize, great stuff!


Joran Laperre’s side project before he joined Hamith-a-ha. Dense industrial/drone.

Fine Red Mist

Acceptable neofolk/medieval, touch of neoclassic.

Foundation Hope

Downtempo dark electro.

Ghosts In The Clocktower

Good ethereal electronics.


Surging waves of deep/dark ambient, arrhythmic.


Unalloyed raw; abrasive-corrosive razor edged noize complete with occasional screaming shouts. Love or leave the planet.


Neofolk to neogoth, ritualistic to spacey, weird and good.


Quite abstract versions of old/nu metal.


Typical chaotic/unstructured free form japanoise.

Igor Bardo

Dark, dense, electro-drone.


Choir backed electro-neoclassic.

Innervision Laboratory

The same polish duo who turn out Sephiroth both of which are very good examples of almost post-industrial music with a touch of ambient, multifaceted and complex.

Instint Primal

Excellent dark ambient layered over rumbling/churning background with primal voices.

John Kavanagh

Arrhythmic-thoughtful; atonal industrial abstractions over a corrosive base.

Kim Nasing

Innovative experimental industrial-ambient with the odd bits of punk/glitch thrown in.


Very varied, from sludgy dark background with melodic overlays to spaced out minimalism.


Multi-layered atonal over rumbling arrhythmic dark ambient-drone.

Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester

Multifaceted,complex electro industrial,dense and corrosive with metallish voice overs.another artist who ought to be better known.

Kristian Olson

Well composed but chaotic industrial version of japanoise but a bit more structured.

Last Industrial Estate

Waxing-waning waves of ethereal electro.


Archtypical freeform japanoize, a little more structured than most.

Lost Kadath

Rhythmically underpinned ambient, varied enough to be interesting.

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