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Portugal has never been a country that’s produced many bands of significance. When it comes to EBM I have to reiterate, it’s virtually barren. The good news is that ESC changed my mind quite quickly. Formed in 2005 and releasing their debut album Matte in 2006, they seem to have a rapidly growing fan-base with their exciting and catchy Harsh-EBM.

The second album Enhancer came out in 2008 and was a major step up in quality. From the moment you start listening, theres a sense of urgency and energy to the music. The first song Despise kicks in with a Grendel-esque [circa Harsh Generation] hook that makes you want to jump onto the dance-floor and burn your legs off. The title track continues this trend with expertly crafted melody and progressive structure that is sure to keep you coming back for more. Throughout the album tracks such as Needle Catwalk, Totes Licht and Attention Whore grab you at every chance and exact their infectious mastery upon you.

This album succeeds in practically every way possible and is a sure-fire hit for anyone into the aggressive side of EBM. The best part is the band are currently recording their new album set for release in early 2010. Get this album in the meantime and acquaint yourself with these talented gentlemen.

Kevin King (terror_binary)


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