Psyclon Nine – The Fallen


Published by: Metropolis Records, USA.

Psyclon Nine’s musical evolution has been one I’ve watched with great interest and wonder over the years. Their exceptional debut ‘Divine Infekt’ is still a heavyweight floor burner to this day. ‘INRI’ was less aggrotech and more industrial metal, guitars woven into their now expanding arsenal. When the breakthrough ‘Crwn thy Frnicatr’ burst onto the scene, Psyclon Nine had now found the sound that would define them today.

Now I present to you the latest offering from these masters of dark industrial… ‘We the Fallen’.

The album begins with a rather brooding and promising intro ‘Soulless [The Makers Reflection]’ featuring none other than Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando. Nero’s peerless vocal delivery spits with ferocity and contempt as the atmosphere builds with increasing sonic-violence. The title track looms as a martial drumbeat and dark orchestrations give way to heavy guitars in the vein of Ministry.

There are three parts to this record. The first four tracks are closer to what we might have heard on the previous album. After that, tracks such as ‘Bloodwork’, ‘The Derelict [God Forsaken]’ and ‘Widowmaker’ add unholy levels of disturbance with a more heavy metal infused aggression. Finally, with track eight ‘There But For the Grace of God’ the mood descends into morbidity. ‘Suicide Note Lullaby’ and ‘Under the Judas Tree’ bring things to a twisted end in the form of depressing, sinister ballads complete with acoustic guitars and cleaner vocals by Nero.

It seems Psyclon Nine have gone from strength to strength. This album showcases a new found maturity and depth that will leave you begging for more. Prepare yourselves for evil genius in its most calculated and intelligent form.

Kevin King (Terror_Binary)


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