Schwester Seziert – Annexe


Recently received CD which went down well on the dance floor at the Retox party.

Published by: Mass Control Records, France.

A French production of which I can find no reference anywhere but with apparent links to bands like Tamtrum, Arsch Dolls, Diktat and Slaughter in Art..

An EBM-industrial crossover aimed at the dance floor. The tracks vary from romantic-reflective to hard and fast. also from quite melodic to distorted-atonal reminiscent of Ab Ovo. Two tracks are marred by automatic machine rhythms and simplistic construction similar to Ah Cama Sotz.

Overall a good CD to have with 2 brilliant compulsive dance floor tracks.

Rolf Rawe (Holy Shit)


Schwester Seziert on MySpace
Mass Control Records
Page on Mass Control Records, including link to interview.

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