Geistform – Data Transmission


The latest 17 tracks – almost 80 minutes – creation of Rafael Martinex Espinosa is good rhythmic noise-electro industrial dance floor fodder with IDM touches and based on old fashioned analogue sounds, glitches, bleeps, noise walls etc.

I must say that – perhaps unrealistically – I had expected better, judging by the peaks achieved on previous tracks like post IDM, etc.

I often likened Geistform to Dive without vocals but even more to bands like Sonar, Klinik, Mono-No-Aware or new outfits like Sabes who turn out hypnotically repetitive emotionless rhythmic creations solely aimed at the dance floor.

The best tracks of Geistform have a slow beginning and gain in intensity to an orgasmic final, something Orphyx often does or even the odd track of Esplendor Geometrico. Alas only 3 or 4 tracks on this album rise to that height. Still, a useful album for a DJ to have.


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-Rolf (Holy Shit)

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