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Peter Anderson aka. Lina Baby Doll aka. Deutsch Nepal plus side projects Frozen Faces, Janitor and together with the “other” Peter Anderson: Bocksholm plus collaborations with In Slaughter Natives and Moon Lay Hidden has been making music since 1992 and is a well respected all round artist.
To date 8 albums have been published. The first and until now only album I had was: Erosion, published on Staalplaat in 1999. This is an early industrial-drone work which I still have and treasure.

A later album : Erotika I had in mind buying but than came across a critique of that lauding it as “charmingly retro ” and as I buy nothing from the past I left that purchase.
Now I have acquired the latest album “Amygdala”, based on the brain’s amygdala nodes which performs a primary function in the formation and memory of emotional events and the long term fixating and potentiality of emotional conditioning.

The result here is an album with the following tracks: Eternal day, Take u out of control, Amygdala, An invitation to heaven, The carnivorous cave, We shall live again, A swinging view from the gallows, Dead dogs entertainment and Hard to breath. All of this no doubt made sense in the imagination of the artist, unfortunately not to me.

The result is a varied post industrial album full of disjointed and abstract experimental tracks. This to me is intellectually captivating but emotionally sterile. There is a great deal of imagination behind this work though and the author’s must be praised for having come this far from his original roots. On the other hand what spoils the album for me are the many intrusions of speaking or singing vocals, like really bad karaoke. This is a purely personal dislike of any kind of vocals and should be taken as such. Other listeners may feel that it adds positively to the album.

In all certainly an interesting album.


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