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Hi all my friends, as promised herewith an evaluation of, mostly, single tracks downloaded via the Kalpamantra site. Again, I tried to be as objective as possible with what is really a subjective musical entity. Listening to music is such an emotional experience and the reception of each person depends not only on the quality of each music piece but to a large extend on the emotional state of the listener.

Taking all this into account plus the fact that mostly single tracks per artists were available than the following critiques can only be described as thumbnails and a rough guide to these tracks but by no means the entire output of each artist. I am listing, in alphabetical order, about three quarters of all the tracks listened to, the remainder were simply too pedestrian to warrant further attention. Well, here goes:

Abandoned Asylum

Playful light keyboard electronics over drone/ambient backing, arhythmic-distorted. Imaginative and outstanding.


Half of gnaw their tongues, the weirdos of neofolk/medieval/ritualistic/ambient-drone. Excellent.


Jairus Khan has a number of CD’s under his belt plus remixes for the likes of Iszoloscope / Converter and other well established musicians. His music encapsulated a range from electro-IDM-rhythmic noise, mostly quite melodic, usually slow building-ethereal, gaining substance-tempo and tension.

Allseits (Troum)

Even a single member of this band can conjure up the intricacy and complexity of this band. I have never heard an even indifferent track from them. Awesum stuff.


Downtempo melodic electro-ambient to chill with.


Outstanding deep ambient

At Behest

Intriguing synth-electronics best described as howling wind at times, excellent.


Arhythmic, multifaceted dark electro-ambient.

Auro Hora

Rhythmically ebbing-surging waves, weirdly dark-spooky and/or acidy-corrosive.

Bad Sector

Massima Magrini should need no introduction here, not only does he have a long list of publications of his distinctive electronics to his credit but whatever you have listened to of this artist is bound to be very good.

Beyond Sensory Experience (Drakk)

Another well established artist turning out often haunting, dark evanescent-ethereal music, excellent.

Blood Box

A side project of well known Yen Pox but darker and more aggro-edgy at the same time retaining a multilayered ambient fluidity, very good indeed.

Bunk Data

Very good industrial-grindcore-drone.


Good Celtic neofolk. A cross of Tribe of Circle and Dead Can Dance.

Cold Fusion

Experimental, varies from spacey, rounded, ethereal electro to black, pounding drone industrial.

Contemptus Mundi

Atonal, arhythmic dark ambient.


The main effort of Disciplina Extermino, wonderfully weird; corrosive, jose lozano-aka “angel” produces this imaginative always corrosive melange of dark ambient-atmospheric noise-drone-speed core laced with industrial pulses. Wonderful stuff.

Crows In The Garden

Distorted, dense ambient-industrial.

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