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A few months ago I contacted Le Petit Machinste in order to obtain a Nin Kuji CD. It turns out to be a small private self-publishing label owned and run by Marcel Nickels of 100blumen. The label specializes in tekno-industrial and noise, publishing 100Blumen, Nin Kuji, Saal5, Warbaby, Simon Schall and a number of DJ publications.

On the 4th of September 2010 they had their five year anniversary noise party held in conjunction with Ant-Zen in the densely populated Ruhr-Düsseldorf-Essen and surrounds.

The CDs I received cost the grand sum of 6 Euros and most of the published music is also available as MP3 downloads. There are also some free streaming downloads available. All this makes this label is worth contacting.

100blumen – Flowers and Barricades

Though the band is also published on Ant-Zen there are some CDs only available through Le Petit Machinste.

Flowers and Barricades is a 7 track mini CD with 3 outstanding dance floor pieces, the best to my taste is track 2: A Las Barricadas (To the Barricades). Which starts with a chorus of protest songs and than abruptly storms the barricades. Determined, hard and chaotic, a wonderfully do or die iron hard piece. Track 5: Punk Was and 7: Enduring Freedom are similarly dance floor orientated.

This CD contains compelling and ultra hard dance floor tracks, certainly among the best I have heard and a must have for noise fans. 5 star material!

Nin Kuji – The Extasex Hoax

Nin Kuji is: N. Piske and wife.

This 16 track CD is culled from a series of jam sessions and is aimed at the techno-industrial dance floor. It is quite varied from melodic to abstract noise backgrounds and percussion heavy, some tracks leaning towards drum and bass. As a whole it shows imagination and is certainly a cut above the usual rhythmic noise.

Track 10 and 15 with its driving beats are my favourites. This CD is certainly well worth having and will be of interest to those who like hard dance floor music.

Warbaby – Release

Apart from a few tracks on samplers this is the only CD so far from this band and I can find no info about the personnel.

At first listening I dismissed this as too soft for the Dark Power dance floor. Repeated listening though has wormed it way into my brain and now I quite like it.

It starts off with light, almost hesitant electronics but gains experimental-industrial elements further in.

Track 3 is a superb dance track, starting melodic-trancy and laid back but getting progressively harder and complex with entwining beats. Track 6 is a much harder electro-industrial dance floor suited piece as is track 10.

This is a very varied and complex CD suitable for both listening and dancing. It is difficult to slot in the the music at times varies from clean electronics as for instance found in Daniel Myers Cleener or in Zero Degree to rhythmic noise ala Nin Kuji / Moctan / Combi Chirst etc.

Overall this is not really harsh noise but more dancable mellowness but nevertheless rather enjoyable.

Rolf Rawe (Holy Shit)


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