Recommended Dark Ambient Listening & Downloads by Rolf


DisFatum - kodokushi

DisFatum – Kodokushi

Download / Listen at

Ptarkh – Dust

Noisevul – Алтарь Мертвых

Download / Listen at Jamendo

The Vile Demonic Face – Vile Space

Download / Listen at

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Free music for October 2011


Original Soundtrack to a RIOT

Original Soundtrack To A RIOT

A host of excellent industrial bands – including Ambassador21, Chrysalide, Ten Data Kenshin and Republik Of Screens – rage against the G8 on this album forged by Audiotrauma Records.
Read more and download from here: Audiotrauma present : Original Soundtrack To A RIOT (digitrauma003)

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Free Music Download – Stuff you’ll hear at the next Dark Power


NaRick – Suburban Industrial Landscape
With this album NaRick shows how much he has grown. Varied stylistically with powerful punchy beats, and more than a few tracks that demand dance floor attention. Get it now:

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Dark Power DJs in the wild


Dark Power DJs are spreading the music everywhere they go.

Nytrox was invited to play at dubstep festival and Krokodil will have a set on the next Blood Dolls Society virtual party:
Blood Dolls Society on Facebook

Dark Power – coming soon to a party near you!

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Recommended Free Releases 16/05/2011


§ “Neue Zeit Victory” by “Letzte Ausfahrt Leben” off “Inhermanland Files” is an interesting mix of dark rhythmic noise and industrial. From the martial-industrialesque dirge of “Russian Field”, to the hopeful yet gritty dark ambient of “Victory”, to the dance floor pounding in “Stalin Future”, there’s something here for everyone. Highly recommended.

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Dark Power in the news!


In 2009 a local newspaper wrote an article about Rolf, Jacqui & Dark Power.

The venue at Gotham is dark, the clothing black. Four DJs take turns mixing and spinning power noise, electronic body music (EBM), agrotic [sic], industrial, neo folk industrial and black industrial music to get the dance floor pumping until the wee hours. The house is full.

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Upcoming Blood Dolls Society, Gotham and Dark Power parties


There is an overflow of great parties to attend for the next month, starting with tomorrow night …

Saturday the 16th
* Blood Dolls Society presents INDIEGESTION
* Steampunk: RELOADED

Saturday the 30th
* Dark Power (woo!)

Sunday the 1st of May (Monday is a public holiday)
* Blood Dolls Society

Saturday the 7th of May
* Gotham

See you all there!

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The Origin of Pussy Rage


Last month we celebrated our third annual Pussy Rage party. The title of which was inspired by a story, which we have transcribed here for your enjoyment. Old school Dark Power attendees may recognise picture at the end.
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Website makeover


After 4 years the Dark Power website has been long overdue a makeover.

The original website was built in 2007 as a place people could go to find out about Dark Power and our gatherings.

Two years later in 2009 later we added the review section. Our reviews have since gained us international attention, most notably from the US, the UK and Hungary.
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Next Gathering

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