Recommended Free Releases 16/05/2011


§ “Neue Zeit Victory” by “Letzte Ausfahrt Leben” off “Inhermanland Files” is an interesting mix of dark rhythmic noise and industrial. From the martial-industrialesque dirge of “Russian Field”, to the hopeful yet gritty dark ambient of “Victory”, to the dance floor pounding in “Stalin Future”, there’s something here for everyone. Highly recommended.

§ “Noetic Echoes”‘s “Apotheosis” is a short self released album / EP on Bandcamp. It starts with a complex dark rhythmic noise track, followed by a track of slow moving electronica track of epic scale. This is worthwhile downloading for these two tracks alone.

§ The ladies of CACOPHONEUSES make some kick ass rhythmic noise, and generously offer four free tracks to download off SoundCloud.

§ In every Hezzel release there are always some gems along with rest of the quality work. “Randomise Before Use” off “Absetzer” is no exception. Good solid beat driven rhythmic noise / industrial.

§ “Orbitus”, yet another free Access To Arasaka E.P. (this time via the Tympanik Audio label) doesn’t bring any new surprises but anything by Access To Arasaka is still a must (especially free).

§ Two remix releases from Bit Riot Records: Cyanotic’s “Gears Gone Wild: Spring Break Edition” and Torrent Vaccine’s “rEmiXUDE”

§ Finally, free label samplers. First off, the German label Aentitainment serves us a treat of broken music in the form of a free label sampler compilation sugestively titled “Free Aentitainment Sampler”. For those looking for harder sounds, the “Bit Riot Records 2011″ sampler may be just what the doctor ordered.

– recommendations by Rudolf Vavruch & Miguel de Sousa (Connexion Bizarre)

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