Tricot Trio – Neu Optimism


Published by: Les Ateliers Tentack. Limited edition of 250 copies.

This is the most unusual cd I have heard for a very long time. I was lucky to obtain it given the limited number of copies available.

Tricot Trio consist of Oliver Moreau of Imminent [Starvation]—the grand industrial maestro—and Gabriel Severin of Silk Saw, well known for its complex electronics and intricate percussions. Those two combined to make new music but than decided that the result was “stale”. So they brought in a brazilian circus band percussionist: Carmen “Soledad” Cardona with her instruments: Cuica, castanets, buzz, congas, bata drums, whistle, claves and tekere (a bead coated gourd played by shaking).

The resulting music is amazing! Track 1 is clean, elegant electronic-lite and I wondered “But this is not Imminent…” The following 9 tracks are anything but that: atonal + abstract leavened and supported by the exotic percussion. Some tracks venture into fusion. Most tracks are rhythmic as one would than expect given the lineup and quite a few are dancable or have dancable portions.

It is certainly a very avant garde oevre which to my mind is what alternative music is supposed to be and by extension what Dark Power is all about, the outer cutting edge of new innovation.

Rolf Rawe (Holy Shit)


Ateliers Tentack

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