Flutwacht – Heroinloops


Limited edition: 350 copies.

Touted as Flutwacht’s best work to date Heroinloops gets under your skin, into your blood and from there occupies your brain.

A black industrial-drone work at its best. A very atmospheric and dense album varying from insane audio abstractions reflecting the total dissociation of the addict to reality to deep bass drone tracks and melodic, restrained dark electronics.

This album is difficult to slot in anywhere as the tracks are quite disparate yet the whole makes conceptual sense.

It tracks the addicts journey from the first injection Rostgeschack (Taste of Rust) and Desertspoon through the high of Passionsbrand, 5 mm, Heroinjazz and Blutloop to the let down of The Dog. This latter having a dismal sound track interspersed with the shivering—shuddering withdrawal.

A hyper-realistic album containing some dancable tracks ein meisterwerk indeed and I count myself very lucky to have purchased this CD.

Slot in somewhere among Brighter Death Now, Nordvargr, etc.

Rolf Rawe (Holy Shit)


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