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Within specific music genres everything has been done. Even where crossover sounds are concerned, pretty much everything has been done. All new albums sound like something else and, if they are good, they are reminiscent of previous hits.

Detroit Diesel is a Canadian duo from Quebec. Their debut album, Terre Humaine, was recently released on DeathWatch Asia and Infacted Recordings. It gets exceptionally good reviews and is also one of my favourite releases of this year.

My first impression was that their sound is fresh and exciting. It sounded new, but there was a subtle familiarity. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it and made a mental comparison to Nachtmahr. That wasn’t quite it though. A few dozen plays later I finally made the connection. Detroit Diesel sound like a fusion of two other North American greats — God Module (Victims Among Friends / Viscera phase) and Negative Format (Moving Past The Boundaries). This album has the melodies, distortion, power and restraint that make for a great listen, and the energy to fill dance floors.

If you are buying only one EBM-like title this year, and you have not already spent your budget on one of the many mediocre releases that have been cluttering the shelves, then do yourself a favour and grab this album fast. It is also available digitally from Amazon and iTunes.

Rating: 5/5



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