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Saturday, 31 Jul 2010

Our next party after almost 5 months will be held on the 31st of July 2010. You know it was worth the wait!

At Pandemonium (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs). Doors open at 9pm. R20 before 11PM, R30 after.


Holy Shit
Monokrom · Faglork
Powder Pussy · Fat face
Nin Kiji · Minus+Minus
Warbaby · Roll Call
100Blumen · Las Barricadas
S.K.E.T. · 700000 Tons to Wipe Out Humanity
HIV+ · Feedback
Iszoloscope · In the Face of Descent
Orphx · Vortex
Industriepalast · Negatiev
5F-55 · Movement
Fla Vector · Injection 99
Elektro Jugend Kollektiv · 4
Projekt Stoerfaktor · Christen V 1.9
Imminent · Ruckus
Maschinenkrieger Kr52 Vs. Disraptor · Genetic Manipulation
Monokrom · wiz ga-wiz
SAM · Eating Glass
100Blumen · Mortar
Virtual Terrorist · Shattersphere
13th Monkey · Aktrus
NaRick · Contra
Shtraf-Bat · Impero
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor · Synaptics
Esplendor Geometrico · Sistema De Emision
Hezzel · Mellow
Sephiroth · Uthul Kulture
Gewaltakustik · Heldentod
Hedningarna · Min Skog
Flogging Molly · Queen Anne’s Revenge
Corus Corax · In Taberna
This Morn’ Omina · N=FP
Maschinenkrieger KR52 vs. Disraptor · Learn The basics
Alter Der Ruine · Coppin’ It Sweet (Receiver Remix)
Des Esseintes · King Of The Jungle
Goatvargr · Drunk On The Blood Of The Goat
Converter · Bloodsex
Talvekoidik · Hymn
Manufactura · Your Demise (MNFCTR & ESA)
Infktd · Truth deformed
Terrorfakt · Welcome To Hell
Xotox · Nasse Wände (original version)
Virtual Terrorist · Adrenaline (Overdose Remix By Die Toten)

Line up

Intro CD: Contagious Orgasm & Flutwacht · Inspection of 1 Hour.
Industrial noise collaboraton
Aggrotek · Terror EBM
Bang Bang Ballerina
Industrial · Death-Electro · Electro-Industrial · Power Noise
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient
Rhythmic Noise · Industrial · Martial Industrial

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