Audiotrauma – Shock to the system

Saturday, 06 Mar 2010

Join us as we bring the crunchy joy of Dark Power to Phoenix Lounge!

At Phoenix Lounge (14 Stegman Road, Claremont, Cape Town). on Saturday, 6th of March.

R20 before 11pm R30 after. Doors open at 9pm.


Holy Shit
Nullvector · Ningam Presciementio
Nullvector · Field Trip
Monokrom · Faglork
Monokrom · Shligit
To Mega Therion · The Sermon of Setketh
To Mega Therion · The Son of Asmodium
Brighter Death Now · Destroy
S.K.E.T. · Crispy Critters
S.K.E.T. · Bush to the Hague
Scrap.Edx · Merciless Protraction
Schwester Seziert · Bounce
Schwester Seziert · 54TR
100Blumen · Floral Annihilation
100Blumen · Blumen 100
5F-55 · Pumpah
Imminent · One Day Ride
Orphx · Vortex
Screloma · Jinx
Nin Kiji · No Way Out
Flutwacht · Blutloop
Leiche Rustikal · Rage 1
Caustic · Pull The Pin
100Blumen · Mortar
Alter Der Ruine · K.I.A
Feindflug · Foltersequenz
Elektro Jugend Kollektiv · 4
Dirty K · Corroded
C/A/T · A Line in the Sand
Xotox · Zweitschicht
Terrorfakt · Welcome To Hell
Clear Stream Temple · Pentagonium
Schwester Seziert · Bounce
S.K.E.T. · The Business of War
Mono-Amine · Layered Mindfuck
ESA · Cursing
Sephiroth · Uthul Kulture
Hezzel · Mellow
Gewaltakustik · Heldentod
100Blumen · Mr. Sister
Greyhound · Cut Back

Line up

Intro CD: SKM-ETR · The Rugged Meat Cleaver.
Ripping good power electronics
EBM · Electro Industrial
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient
Rhythmic Noise · Industrial · Martial Industrial

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