Intra Cavum Nigrum – Into The Black Hole

Saturday, 04 Oct 2008

Journey into the heart of the black hole with Dark Power.

At Gotham (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs), on Saturday, 4th October 2008. R20 gets you in, doors open at 9pm.


DJ Gorgeous Bourgeois
Asche · Riding on the Atomic I.C.E
Cell Auto Mata · My Old Car
Sonic Dragolgo · Don’t Stop The Music
Placid · The Needle and the Damage Done
S.I.N.A · Die Your Life (Nullvektor rmx)
ULTRA Statals ft. Hypnoskull · Turntables on Fire
Panacea · Wrong Is Right
Hecate · Night Of Desire
Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather · Daddy Cruel
Monolith · Watching You Die
Propergol · Notre Fin Ser Solitaire
Atari Teenage Riot · Into The Death
Nosuf-X · Crank
Holy Shit
Skadi · Novissima Nox
SKM-ETR · Sainthood
Shift · Stay Angry
Converter · Spasm
Propergol · Terror Dept.
:Golgatha: · Initiation
Swasti Ayanam · Yonis Linga Sanklesa
Coph Nia · Religion
Bipol · Invocation
Sunao Inami · Precision
F.A.V. · Curfew
Storfaktor · Teufel
Brighter Death Now · While you sleep
Thorofon · Riot Dictator

Line up

Intro CD: KK Null
KK Null acts as our guide into the darkness.
EBM · Electro Industrial
Rhythmic Noise · Industrial
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient
DJ Gorgeous Bourgeois
Guest DJ: Experimental Electro & Noise


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