Die Sektor – Applied Structure In A Void


Die Sektor - Applied Structure In A Void

I do admire artists who evolve. Progression is something you dont see that much within the harsh-electro scene. Most bands prefer to pump out as many club-orientated hits as they possibly can. This doesnt apply to Die Sektor … having released an album some time ago, they’ve finally returned with something that will surprise many of their fans. While 2006’s ‘To be fed upon’ was a slightly experimental dose of aggressive EBM, ‘Applied Structure In A Void’ is truly a different experience altogether.

‘Accelerant’ starts precedings off with a heavily trance-influenced sound that bamboozles its way into some very exciting harsh-EBM. There is a sense of purpose and intent here that truly shines through as the vocal delivery ranges from a more clean, melodic approach through to the usual distorted kind. The track that follows … ‘Dissector’ is much calmer in contrast and has a very ‘Nine inch nailsesque’ feel to it. Even more so on the next track ‘Fall to the noise’ with its stomping beats and heavy guitars.

There’s a distinct feeling of industrial-rock coming through as the album continues. But not all of the EBM elements are lost, ‘Corpus Accido’ hits back with some faster dance fodder that will please the club-goers. Diversity is truly the key-word here.

Expect an amalgamation of old and new. But whatever you do, give this record the time it deserves. It might take awhile to fully grasp what these guys are trying to do here. Overall, it is an impressive and immersive affair. A stand-out piece in an otherwise generic scene.

Rating: 4/5

Kevin King (Terror_Binary)


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