Terrible Twos

Saturday, 04 Apr 2009

It’s been two years since our first party and Dark Power is getting more raucous than ever. Join us as Dark Power celebrates by stomping wildly on the dancefloor.

At Gotham (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs), on Saturday, 4th of April. R20 gets you in, doors open at 9pm.


Holy Shit
Hysteresis · Yaaomm
Bipol · Invocation
5F-X · Neo-archaic Stomper Movement
100 Blumen · Blumen 100
Nullvector · Closed Circiut
Swati-Ayanam · Chacra Puya
Klinik – Vidna Obmana · Greed 6
Marvargr · Nuclear Desecration
Deadwood · Wither-Sith
Brighter Death Now · Destroy
Shift · Stay Angry
Ab Ovo · Diaclase
Skadi · The Awakening
To Mega Therion · Purification Ritual
Des Esseintes · Tension
Von Magnet · Minefield Dance
Cold Fusion and Rukkanor · Akhmim
Sephiroth · Uthul Kulture
Horses Brawl · Stampanasa
Hedningarna · Min Skog
Faun · Andro
Imminent · No More Chain Bang
Exocet · El Respecto
Sect · All that Ages
Infktd · Folie A Deux
Ad·ver·sary · No Exit
Caustic · Decadent Tongue (Vaseline Grit Mix)
Gewaltakustik · Hier kommt der Schmerz!
Eisenfunk · Werbepause
Punch Inc · Fightclub

Line up

Intro CD: Original Dark Power intro CD
Bang Bang Ballerina
Industrial · Power Noise · Electro
EBM · Electro Industrial
Rhythmic Noise · Industrial · Neo-Folk · Martial Industrial
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient


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