Prævalent Illicita – Things forbidden have a secret charm

Saturday, 07 Jun 2008

Why can we not resist the call of the forbidden? Join us as we answer the call and dance the illicit night away!

At Gotham (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs), on Saturday, 7th June 2008. R20 gets you in, doors open at 9pm.


Syrinx (tracks by)
Leiche Rustical
Haus Arafna
Proyecto Mirage
Holy Shit
Brighter Death Now · While You Sleep
Folkstorm · Swarm
Goatvargr · Goat Lord Rising
Sinequanon · Crimson Rd.
Maschinenzimmer · Mourning Star
Propergol · Voodoo Vault
In Slaughter Natives · As My Shield
Inner Vision Lab · Apocalypse
Puissance · Stance
Ab Ovo · Diaclase
Klinik & Vidna Obmana · Greed 6
Empusae · Urficae
Nordvargr · Npir
Inade · The end of the beginning
Ambassador21 · Light My Fire
ESA · In Lust We Trust
KiEw · Degenerationsprogramm
Levoi Ravoi · Soul Into Brahma
Der Feuerkreiner · Oder Schrei
Corus Corax · In Taberna
Hedningarna · Min Skog
t_error 404 · Killdozer
W.A.S.T.E. · Mediaface (vuxnut remix)
To Mega Therion · Purification Ritual
Folkstorm · Ty Han Är Min Soldat
Gae Bolg And The Church Of Fand · Morz Trai Ton Cor
Axxon · Machine (Rejoin The War)
Triarii · Wings Of Steel
SHNARPH! · Donnern Im Tal (Das Berghaus 2)
P.A.L · Agentenfister
100Blumen · What Kind Of A Man Are You?
Monomental · Soul Exhibition
Greyhound · Black Planet
Acylum · Glock 17
Ad·ver·sary · No Exit
EndZeit-Effekt · Noisehead Part II
Xotox · Industrial Madness
ESA · Cursing

Line up

Intro CD: HIV+ · We are all haunted houses
The infamous French musician leads us down dark decaying corridors of sound.
Bang Bang Ballerina
Industrial · Power Noise · Electro
EBM · Electro Industrial
Rhythmic Noise · Martial Industrial · Apocalyptic Folk
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient


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