Dark Power @ Gotham

Saturday, 08 Dec 2007

Dark Power returns to Gotham (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs), on Saturday, 8th December 2007.

Bringing the usual great mix of fresh music that you’ve come to expect from a Dark Power party. R20 gets you in, doors open at 9pm.


Krokodil · 22:00–23:00
Coph Nia · Fire
Puissance · Brittle
Empusae · Seygot
Einstürzende Neubauten · Weil Weil Weil
Laibach · Francia
Ministry · Khyber Pass
Tarmvred · 5
Das Ich · Paradigma
Ministry · Lieslieslies
Thorofon · Riotdictator
Haus Arfna · Für Immer
Propergol · Justification Of Years
Folkstorm · Cleansing
Krokodil · 01:00–03:00
Das Ich · Opferzeit
Acylum · Face to face
C/A/T · Enemy Within
Converter · Bloodsex
Sophia · Death, Dumb And Blind
The People’s Republic Of Europe · Absurdist
Hedningarna · Min Skog
Converter · Order/Creature
Xotox · Alone
Terrorfakt · Welcome to Hell
Aural Blasphemy · Shiz
Des Esseintes · King Of The Jungle
Sophia · Watch It Drown
Folkstorm · Ty Han Är Min Soldat
Sephiroth · Wolftribes
Larrnakh · Anaritah Medial
Xotox · Lichtlos
R6.3zist · Queen Panic
Celluloid Mata · Cyborg Colony
The People’s Republic Of Europe · The Tokugawa Solution
W.A.S.T.E. · Mediaface (vuxnut remix)
Terrorfakt · The Unknown
Miscere · requiem aeternam (remix by PFX68)
Bipol · Sweet Bombs
Synapscape & Asche · Killers

Line up

Intro CD: Inade · Samadhi State
A haunting release by the fathers of Dark Ambient starts at 9pm, not to be missed.
Bang Bang Ballerina
Industrial · Power Noise · Electro
EBM · Electro Industrial
Power Electronics · Rhythmic Noise · Martial Industrial · Apocalyptic Folk


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