Dark Power Gathering – All Hell Breaks Loose!

Friday, 26 Nov 2010

Dark Power is 21! This party marks the 21st Dark Power event, and they’re only getting heavier.

Come enjoy the unique noisy Dark Power experience for the last time in 2010!

At Pandemonium (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town—next door to Gandalfs). Doors open at 9pm. R20 before 11PM, R30 after.


Holy Shit
Xotox · Grenouille Mechanique
Detune X · Toolsuck
Fabric C · You are a Poser
Schwester Seziert · 54TR
Imminent · Lorsc
Orphx · Vortex
Iszoloscope · In the Face of Descent
HIV+ · Feedback
S.K.E.T · 700,000 Tons to Wipe Out Humankind
100Blumen · A Las Barricadas
Nin Kuji · Minus Und Ergibt Plus
Powder Pussy · Fat Face
Powder Pussy · Ultrav
Monokrom · Faglork
Warbaby · Roll Call
5F-55 · Break Bug
DBMG/RAF · Kalashnikov
C/A/T · Smashed
t_error 404 · Killdozer
Xotox · Nasse Wände (original version)
ESA · Nerve Pattern
Screloma · Rosten
Alter Der Ruine · Batsmasher
Sona Eact · Engine Crash / One Bridge Too Far
t_error 404 · Detonator
Xotox · Paderborn
Iszoloscope · In The Face of Descent
Menace Ruine · Omnia In Nihil
This Morn’ Omnia · Momentum II
Nin Kuji · I Am The Myth
Zyankali · Intransigent
Dirty K · Nothing
Feindflug · Foltersequenz
Xotox · Minuszeit
Virtual Terrorist · Shattersphere
Zyankali · Come With Me
Sona Eact · Try Harder / Replace Your Disk
Asche · Wasted Hedon
C/A/T · Enemy Within [Unknown]
Imminent · Ruckus
Esplendor Geometrico · Sistema De Emision
Xotox · Pumpe / Düse
ESA · Cutslut
Feindflug · Kahle Bedrohung
C/A/T · Malice
Screloma · Jinx
Mono No Aware · Sora

Line up

Intro CD: TBC
EBM · Electro Industrial
Holy Shit
Power Electronics · Dark Ambient
Rhythmic Noise · Industrial · Martial Industrial
Aggrotek · Terror EBM
Bang Bang Ballerina
Industrial · Death-Electro · Electro-Industrial · Power Noise

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